You have a Voice but is it being heard?

Are you part of the ‘children should be seen and not heard or don’t speak until you are spoken to‘ generation?

Who is listening with the intent to hear your voice?

We are led to believe we are consulted with regards matters affecting our everyday lives but a decision has often been made long before we hear about it, by those posing as concerned with our welfare and representative of our vote , clearly political parties are neither. Example: Tony Blair’s contempt for the British voter and total ego mania regards the Iraq invasion after a million person march on London. “I did it because I thought it was right,” Blair said. (The Guardian)

I want to hear your voice. This is a place to share about all the mindless and pointless mismanaged elements of government that make your life frustrating and unbearable whether it be the phasing of traffic lights and road works, inflated and pointless parking charges enforced by revenue raising police officers and a failing legal system, lack of affordable housing or perhaps a dis-functional health system. Perhaps you too are tired of people being granted jobs based on box ticking rather than the selection of the best person for the role?

Since my first memory at aged 3 weeks and for almost 50 years since, i have questioned the way humans and our world system function in such a badly managed way and why it is not representative of the majority.

Common care and sense?

I relentlessly pursue plausible change to thus create a world where we are granted a voice before building bombs instead of disregarding us only to  bleed us dry of our earnings. Also a large part of my dream is to create a system whereby access to free basic needs is a birthright for everyone regardless of where you were born or which political climate you are now under.


Why do we have to be born into inheritance or stepped up through a schooling/corporate/bankster glass ceiling to obtain privilege and unchallenged access to basic human needs and ultimately opportunity to accumulate wealth?


A world system led by nanny state governments lobbied by corporations and a media that acts and behaves as if access to basic needs can be achieved by everyone, whilst its main focus is on perpetuating war, famine, removal of your rights, revenue raising strategies making it impossible for you to save or buy a home, and most damagingly, taking your voice and right to appeal or change draconian laws or schemes.


FACT: At the current rate of consumption and due to excessive waste caused by several factors including obscene consumerism, we, the human race majority, will not survive the next 50-100 years. The developed world’s food and energy waste, if managed correctly, could save 100’s of millions of lives within a few decades.

Humans are dying through  malnutrition, extreme temperature, poor healthcare and increased suicide amongst the young due mismanagement of resources and unreachable carrots on strings regards fame and wealth.  An ever increasing number of afflicted humans feel uncared for, abandoned and alone.

The tragedy is that the very same abandoned souls watch a world consume at an alarming rate out of debt and to add insult to injury, they are abused for not trying hard enough to acummulate said wealth.

If you don’t have access to basic human needs?

Its because you are, by a privileged class, deemed lazy or not working hard enough to better yourself.


In the current system, those of you who struggle to meet your daily needs and in respect of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model, are never going to develop skills, self-fulfilment, contentment, security, self-worth, manifestation of dreams or self actualisation leading to wholeness.


You can help save the planet for generations to come and thus secure a tenancy on planet earth by creating sustainability.

We have reached a point in human evolution where we have all the tools, skills, technology and infrastructure required to supply basic human needs as a birthright for all and in a very short period of time. With the correct approach, input, development and care, we can be the generation that begins to change the face of the planet.

The future would mean all of us getting a lot more hassle free currency chasing time, more travel time, fun time and for sure no more struggle for basic needs time.

Time to act?

Access to basic human needs on a global scale are largely restricted and constricted by government systems that are backed and answerable to corporations and the wealthiest who have placed themselves in the driving seat of huge decisions and how? By creating debt, asset stripping and poverty traps.

Basic human needs for all as a system. How can we make it happen?

Say YES to the idea of global change for the survival human of life here on planet earth. And please use your voice to let us know how you feel and put forward ideas you may have for change for the better by commenting here. Also inform others to come and share their otherwise unheard voice. Meanwhile, my series called ‘The Dream Gift Trilogy‘ will tell the story of how to gain empowerment for the individual and change for the masses. The first book is due for release in 2018 and entitled ‘The Voice‘.