birth of a new age

water bursts, channel open, entry imminent, air apparent, timing set, location set, journey set, face set, struggle set, conflict set, umbilical flailing, wandering crawl to foot, horizon bleak, lesson sure, message narrow, specific and strong, opinion rigid, others entrenched, tongues corrupt, barrier to break, toughened gaze, strict defiance, un-engaged, a man alone, gentle education, one by one, one plus one and again and again, attitude abridged, new vista, separate causes, converging into vision of one, the time is ready, the masses stoked, the old way dying and the new way coaxed into existence buy a crowd more confused and protective of self wealth and short sighted towards share and share alike. we all win in the new age and the gugu way, sorkin’s charter designed to please all, keeps the status quo in their ivory tower, lowers the gate to raise the draw bridge into a world of one.. we all deserve life and not just the one percent. join or jump the hopeless cry, we turn on the heads of those in desperate times, we all live to dream and help one another climb the dizzy heights of live for the other.. this is the dream of a man on the ledge.. a new world the birth of a new age.


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