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my dream has always been to make the world a better place. it has not always been possible. as humans our main priority is to make our own world a better place. of course i learned that the fun and arguably harder way. for nearly 50 years i have questioned the plausibility of a world where we are granted basic needs from birth. why should we have to be born in a certain place or into a certain inheritance to have unchallenged access to human needs. the world looks and behaves as if our access to basic needs are a privilege worked for and if we don’t have them its because we are not working hard enough. those who struggle to meet their daily needs are never going to find fulfilment, contentment, security, self worth, development of self and manifestation of dreams unless basic needs are met first and as an unconditional birthright regardless of where or when our fellow human is born.


We have reached a point in human evolution where we have all the tools, skills, technology and infrastructure required to supply basic human needs as a birthright for all and in a very short period of time. with the correct input, development and care, we are able to change the face of the planet one day at a time until within a decade or two.. we will all be getting a lot more beach time, travel time, fun time and for sure no more struggle for basic needs forever more and along the way.. we will save the planet for the generations to come and thus secure our tenancy on planet earth for hundreds of thousands of years to come. at the moment we will be lucky to survive the the next 100 years. Its time to act and i believe the charter i have devised will see us enact the change in a generation of life in time for our grandchildren to relax and have the pursuit of self fulfilment and actualisation to consider as their only real requirement and responsibility to mankind. the pursuit of happiness is linked to the removal of the struggle for basic needs and i am about to show you all how its done.

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